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Teaching Facilities


    The STM building of was constructed and launched in June of 1992.  In 2010, Ivy Wang Hall was completed and donated to National Taiwan Ocean University by Pacific Star Group on October 13, 2010. The two buildings both takes pride in its accommodation to modern facilities with comfortable learning environment for teachers and students.

    The first building is a seven-floor structure, which includes 15 classrooms equipped with air-conditioners, computers, and projectors. We also provide an audio-visual conference room as well. Additionally, we have a lecture hall with a side reception room located on the first floor, which holds up to more than 100 people. Such lecture hall functions as forums for classes, seminars, and other activities. Our department office is on the second floor, and a language audio room sits beside it. We have a computer lab with more than 64 personal computers and other modern facilities on the third floor. On the remaining floors, there are sufficient seminar rooms and research rooms provided to teachers and graduated students.

    Ivy Wang Hall is composed of six floors. On its first floor, an open venue for student activities is provided. The International Conference Hall is situated on the second floor. We have a large-sized classroom with a capacity of 130 people on the third floor. Moreover, we have arranged on the fourth floor a common research room specifically for graduate students. Also, there is a medium-sized conference room on the fifth floor, while a Pacific Star Group Cooperative Research Chamber and a Visiting Scholar Lounge located on the sixth floor.