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Founded in 1958, Department of Shipping and Transportation Management is devoted to educating and training students ready for the shipping industry. Marine-related industries have been playing important roles in international trade across the country. In 1990, the Graduate Institute was granted the right to award master degrees while doctorates were being granted in 1997.

The major aim of our Department is to educate our students among areas of marine shipping, global logistics, air transportation, cargo management, in hopes of meeting with increasing demands of elites within the industries. Our ultimate goal is to equip our students with both theoretical and practical knowledge by graduation. 

We offer an innovative and diversified learning environment. We also encourage cross-subject studies among the fields of finance, international business, business administration, information management, transportation, and logistics. Students may choose their best combination of courses according to their interest.

Our courses concentrate on five main areas:

  • Language Training
  • International Finance and Economic
  • Science of Management
  • Legal Study
  • Shipping Transportation and Port Management
Chairpersons since establishment of STM



Gi-Tow Lee 1958 - 1959
Gu-Tow Shai 1959 - 1972
Sun-Ching Lee 1972 - 1979
Dr. Kuo-Shyong Tseng 1979 - 1984
Dr. Younger Wu 1984 - 1990
Dr. Kuo-Shyong Tseng 1990 - 1992
Dr. Kuang Lin 1992 - 1995
Dr. Y.S.Chen 1995 - 1998
Dr. Gin-Shuh Liang 1998 - 2001
Dr. Hsuan-Shih Lee 2001 - 2004
Dr. Chih-Ching Chang

2004-  2007

Dr. Ching-Wu Chu

2007-  2010

Dr. Kung-Don Ye

2010- 2013

Dr. Cheng-Chi Chung

2013- 2016

Dr. Hua-An Lu 2016- 2019
Dr. Alex S. L. Chao 2019- 2022
Dr. Feng-Ming Tsai 2022- now