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Career Possibilities

Career Possibilities


    The Department of Shipping and Transportation Management aims to promote higher education in international trades and shipping management in Taiwan. Our fundamental spirits lies in teaching and preparing students for the shipping and international trade industries.

Curricula Focuses

To meet our educational goals, we focus on the following subjects:

Instruments toward learning business administration, such as foreign languages, accountings, law, statistics, economics and finance
Shipping management
Port administration and management
Management of international logistics
Business administration

Complete Academic Programs

Our Department offers 4 levels of academic programs:

Undergraduate Program: The goal of our undergraduate program is to cultivate manpower in areas of shipping operation and management, port and shipping administration. and air transportation. A total of 142 credits are required for graduation (including general requirements: 28 cr.; professional requirements: 78 cr.; electives: 36 cr.). The enrolled students are also taught to meet the requirements of the employment market during their undergraduate years.


MBA Program: The goal of our MBA program is to cultivate upper-middle level of manpower for the shipping administration and port management industries, and we also aim to prepare students with advanced research skills in related academic fields. The MBA program which started in 1990 offers advanced studies for students who wish to further their study on the area of shipping or for those who plan to engage in the academic fields. 51 credits are required for graduation (including thesis: 6 cr.; general requirements: 18 cr.; electives: 27 cr.)


EMBA Program: The Executive Master’s of Business Administration program aims to advance the knowledge of students who come from business and government force. Such program allows students to remain their positions while pursuing higher degree. A total of 48 (thesis: 6 cr. included) credits are required for graduation.

 Ph.D. Program: The Ph.D. program aims to educate high-level researching and teaching staff in shipping and air transportation management, as well as to train high-position staff from various shipping-related industries. Our Ph.D. program was established in 1997, and up to this date, it remains the one and only Ph.D. institution specialized in shipping and transportation in Taiwan. The Ph.D. program focuses on the main structure of management and administration knowledge related to the shipping field. The major subjects are: (1) shipping management and administration; (2) port management and administration; (3) international logistics; (4) air transport management and administration. A total of 44 credits are required for graduation.
Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from our department may develop their careers in the following areas:


Marine Shipping – Areas such as liner shipping and tramp shipping companies are popular among graduates. Domestic shipping companies, including Ever Green, Yang Ming, Wan Hai, and Uniglory welcome a huge number of students from our Department each year. Foreign shipping companies are also potential employers of our graduates.
Air Transportation – Various positions offered from domestic airlines, including EVA Air, China Airline, and other foreign airlines.

Transportation Related – Job opportunities such as shipping agent, cargo agent, express agent, customs agent are often great choices for our graduates.

Harbour & Airport

Our graduates are competitive candidates for positions in the four international ports of Taiwan, namely Kaohsiung, Keelung, Taichung, and Hualien.

Our graduates are also welcomed to apply for job vacancies at C.K.S. International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport.


Our graduates have outstanding performances in the business and trading arena. A great number of graduates remain active in academia as well.